Find Your Inner Gold – join the Golden Program!

Are you ready to find your Inner Gold and live the life your are dreaming of? It’s been almost two years since I started Feelpinkbyanna. Then I wanted to share my story and inspire more people to make changes so that they could live the joyful life we all deserve.

Since then I have started my own business as an business and life coach. Corona made me reach outside Sweden. Nowadays I mostly post in English (as you who follow my Instagram have noticed).

Now I’m taking the next step by launching the Golden Program. In January this year I knew I wanted to find a business partner to take my business to a new level. For me that means being able to have a greater impact and really making a difference in the world. It did not take long before we connected. Now I’m creating this program together with Danish superwoman Nynne Bojsen.

So who is the Golden Program for?

The Golden Program is for the woman who is now ready to invest in herself and her life. You are a strong and powerful woman and yet… you get this feeling there is something missing.

Sometimes you can hear that little voice whispering from inside…” there is supposed to be more to life than this”.

Maybe you are dreaming of doing something bigger and more meaningful in your life, but something is holding you back? Maybe it is fear, negative beliefs, or grown-in ”have-to”?

In the Golden Program, we will share tools, plant seeds and provide a supportive community for you to express your true inner power and find your inner gold.

Imagine a world full of opportunities, where the new confident you can choose how you want to feel, what you want to experience and what that next step in your life will be!

It’s time to find your Inner Gold

This will be a 3-month program that will take you through a transformational journey. It’s time for you to find your inner gold.

Does this sound like something for you or someone you know? Read more and sign up here!

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